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RSLC and Texas Speaker Dade Phelan Joint Fund TV Buys in Majority Hispanic Districts in South Texas

$360,000 Media Buy Will Boost John Lujan (HD-118) and Janie Lopez (HD-37)

Washington D.C. — In order to protect and expand the gains state Republicans are making in Hispanic

communities in South Texas, the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) and Speaker Dade Phelan are joint funding $360,000 worth of television buys for State Representative John Lujan (HD-118) and Republican nominee for House District 37 Janie Lopez. The purchases will consist of broadcast television spots in the San Antonio and Rio Grande Valley markets.

The investment follows the recent launch of the RSLC’s first-ever Spanish-language ad, which is running in Texas and other battleground states across the country. The Texas Legislature was named a top defensive priority for the RSLC at the beginning of the year.

“Democrats are hemorrhaging support with Hispanic voters in South Texas because they have taken them for granted, but Texas Republicans are surging in these communities because they are offering a commonsense, freedom focused agenda that gives their constituents the opportunity to thrive,” said RSLC President Dee Duncan. “The RSLC is proud to help Texas Republicans continue to gain ground in these former Democrat strongholds by supporting fantastic leaders like John Lujan and Janie Lopez ahead of November.”

“We have made significant inroads and built strong momentum for Republicans in South Texas,” said Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan. “As the Biden Administration has our border under siege and inflation at a 40-year high, the people of South Texas need conservatives like John Lujan and Janie Lopez in the Texas House of Representatives to push back on Washington now more than ever. Hispanic voters want lower costs, quality education and safer streets for their families and know that John and Janie will work to deliver results for their communities.”

Last November, the RSLC supported John Lujan in his upset victory in House District 118, which President Biden won by 14 points in 2020. Both Lujan and Lopez are members of the RSLC’s Right Leaders Network, which was launched in the fall of 2021 and is a redoubling of RSLC’s long-standing efforts to grow the future of the Republican Party by electing more women and diverse candidates to state office.

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