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Statement from Speaker Phelan on Representative Guillen’s Decision to Join the Republican Party

AUSTIN, TX — Speaker Dade Phelan today released the following statement:

"I am proud to welcome Representative Ryan Guillen to the Republican Party. Ryan has always fought for limited government, economic prosperity, and most importantly, faith and family. Ryan’s voting record in the Texas House is a testament of his beliefs and the conservative principles of his constituents in House District 31 and South Texas. Ryan’s decision to leave the Democratic Party is proof of the growing frustration with the DNC’s radical ideologies and the Biden Administration’s failed border plan, attacks on the oil and gas industry, and overreaching mandates.

“Ryan, we are proud of your work in the Texas House. And we still have a lot of work to do. My Republican colleagues in the Texas House and I are glad to welcome Representative Guillen.”

Dade Phelan represents Texas House District 21 in Southeast Texas and serves as the 76th Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives. First elected to the Texas House in 2014, he is currently serving his fourth term as State Representative for HD21. He was elected House Speaker in 2021.

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