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Texas Speaker Dade Phelan Announces $1 Million Raised and $5 Million Cash on Hand

AUSTIN, TX – Today, Speaker Dade Phelan’s campaign announced that it raised over $1 million across all accounts in the last 10 days of June. Speaker Phelan maintained $5 million cash on hand for the mid-year fundraising period (including $700,000 in reported political contributions for the period that had yet to clear for the purposes of Texas Ethics Commission reported cash on hand).

Phelan recently completed his first regular legislative session as Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives.

“I am thankful for the support and trust of my constituents and fellow Texans across the state,” said Speaker Phelan. “These resources will be put to excellent use defending our Republican majority in the Texas House.”

Speaker Dade Phelan was elected to the Texas House of Representatives in 2014 and elected as House Speaker in 2021. He represents House District 21, which covers Orange County and part of Jefferson County. Phelan is a real estate developer and resides in Southeast Texas with his wife, Kim, and their four children.

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