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VPAC and Speaker Phelan announce joint support for Dr. Lynn Stucky for HD 64

AUSTIN – Today, the Veterinary Political Action Committee (VPAC), the political arm of the Texas Veterinary Medical Association, partnered with Speaker Dade Phelan to support the re-election of Dr. Lynn Stucky for State Representative in House District 64.

VPAC is contributing $25,000 to Dr. Stucky’s campaign, and Speaker Phelan is matching VPAC’s contribution for a total of $50,000.

“Dr. Lynn Stucky is strongly committed to the people of House District 64 and representing their conservative values,” said Speaker Dade Phelan. “Dr. Stucky is passionate about his profession as a veterinarian and equally passionate about serving the people of Texas. I am proud to partner with VPAC to ensure Dr. Stucky’s re-election to the Texas House.”

“Texas Veterinarians are proud to support Dr. Lynn Stucky for reelection in House District 64,” said VPAC Chair Dr. Russell Ueckert. “He has a strong record of taking care of his constituents and getting things done for them when he goes down to Austin. His extensive record of public service and commitment to his fellow Texans make him the clear choice this March.”

“As a full-time practicing veterinarian, Dr. Stucky understands the issues that are important to pet owners as well as those who care for their animals, and we look forward to continuing to work with him and Speaker Dade Phelan on behalf of practitioners across Texas,” Ueckert said.

About the Veterinary Political Action Committee (VPAC)

VPAC helps advance the legislative goals of the Texas Veterinary Medical Association (TVMA) and assists in its mission to preserve, promote, and protect the veterinary medical profession and to advance animal health for the well-being of humans and animals. Through VPAC, veterinarians can support candidates who support their profession and voice their concerns and objectives to the state legislature.

About Texas Veterinary Medical Association (TVMA)

TVMA was organized in 1903 and continues to operate as a nonprofit organization under the laws of the state of Texas. The purpose of TVMA is to support veterinarians as they practice the art and science of veterinary medicine in Texas through education, outreach, and advocacy. The Association currently has more than 4,000 licensed veterinarians as members practicing throughout the state of Texas, making it one of the largest veterinary medical associations in the nation.

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