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Conservative Victories

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Fighting the Woke Agenda

Texas banned the radical teaching of critical race theory in schools (HB 1927–87R) and protected girls’ athletics by keeping biological boys out of girls’ sports (SB 15–88R). Dade also passed legislation to ensure children are protected from transgender mutilation surgeries (SB 14–88R). Dade banned pornographic materials in school books and banned all drag shows in front of children. Dade is shutting down the woke agenda in Texas.

Securing the Border

Dade ensured that Texas stepped up where Biden failed–passing a record $5.1 billion investment in border security to finish the wall and fund our troopers. Under Dade’s leadership, Texas designated Mexican drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations, empowered the U.S. Border Patrol to search, seize and arrest, and prosecuted fentanyl deaths as murder (HB 6–88R).

Tax Cut.png

Record Tax Cut

Thanks to Dade Phelan, the Texas Legislature passed $18 billion in property tax relief — the largest state property tax cut in American history. Two-thirds of the $18B goes toward immediate rate reductions, on top of a $100,000 homestead exemption ($110,000 for seniors) and appraisal caps for non-homesteaded properties under $5 million. Additionally, Dade added elected positions to local appraisal boards, ensuring voters will always have a voice in their taxes. Taken together, this critical legislation will significantly reduce the growing property tax burden on Texas families!

Defending the 2nd Amendment

Dade oversaw the passage of Texas’ Constitutional Carry legislation (HB 1927–87R), allowing law-abiding Texans over the age of 21 to carry a handgun for protection without the need of a license. And he helped make Texas a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State (HB 2622–87R) to protect Texans from Federal overreach.

Standing Up for Life

After passing laws to ban abortion after a heartbeat can be detected at 6 weeks (SB 8–87R) and to outlaw abortion altogether in the event of Roe v. Wade’s reversal (HB 1280–87R), Dade tackled the maternal mortality crisis by passing legislation to expand access to pregnancy and childhood services (SB 24-88R) and extend health benefits to 12 months for new mothers. Texas is now the most pro-life state in America.

Big Tech.png

Reining in Big Tech

Under Dade’s leadership, Texas has taken the lead to protect Texans’ data online (HB 4–88R), protect our children online by restricting access to pornographic material (HB 1181–88R) and give parents more control over their children’s social media activity (HB 18–88R).

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